About Sikkim

Sikkim is a beautiful and an enchanting state that boasts immense natural beauty and has become one of the leading holiday destinations in the country. Surrounded by magnificent hills, gushing lakes, waterfalls, and verdant valleys, Sikkim is a spectacular delight and offers a plethora of varied and unique holiday opportunities. As such there is no best time to visit Sikkim, because this state can be visited throughout the year. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Sikkim is a year round destination, but there are certain seasons when it can get quite hot or extremely cold and one may avoid visiting Sikkim during these seasons. The summer season is from April to June and the valley can experience really high temperatures, but then this is the time when one can enjoy the pleasures of trekking.

The weather fluctuates depending on the altitude and the higher you go, the chances of experience cold and pleasant weather is much more. Summers are also the season when the valley is a riot of colors adorned with blooming orchids and rhododendrons. The elevated areas of Sikkim will be covered in snow and offer the perfect retreat to get away from scorching heat that the rest of the country experiences.

The winter season sets in by end of December and remains till February. Those with a sense of adventure and a love for winter sports may also enjoy visiting Sikkim during the winters, when it truly turns into a winter wonderland. During the winter season too a number of hotels offer attractive hotel packages and Sikkim is one of the states in India that receives regular snowfall. Therefore if one wants to catch the snowfall, then this is the best time to visit, however, one needs to be completely prepared for the extreme cold conditions. Blanketed in a canopy of white, Sikkim resembles a fairyland and offers a perfect opportunity to cuddle up in front of the fireplace. If one is still perplexed on when to visit Sikkim, one can either opt for autumn or spring when everything remains cheerful and vibrant or even the summers to escape the scorching heat. The peak season for Sikkim travel is definitely between the months March to June and then from September to December.

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